Spruce logs

This is the basic timber for the manufacture of wood products. It is the original product in the form of unprocessed felled trunks. In fact, it represents logs and ridges used for transverse cutting.


Sizes: 3/5, 5/6 m. From 16 -50 cm.


tara long Birch tree

Birch timber used for the manufacture of wooden containers and packaging.


Sizes: length from 2,4 m. up to 3.0 m.

diameter from 12 cm to 18 cm.



Round or chipped assortments for the production of pulp and wood pulp. Round or chipped timber for the production of pulp, wood pulp


Diameter at top (with bark)

BIRCH BALANCE: Top 6 cm. Comel 55 cm.

ASPEN BALANCE: Top 6 cm. Comel 65 cm.

Set length

The main 6.00 m

Reserve 3.00 m

    Minimum saw length

6.10 m (-10; +5 cm)

3.10m (-10; + 5cm)


balance of conifers sizes: 6 m. from 14 -55 cm.



Birch plywood ridge - round timber for producing peeled veneer, plywood and planed veneer


VENEER LOGS OF BIRCH SIZES: 6 m. From 18-45 cm.



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